What on earth is “whatonearth”?

Funny you should ask. . . . . . . . . .

Have you ever uttered a question beginning with the phrase “What on earth. . . “ ? If so, you are questioning what is going on “behind the scenes,” as it were, with whatever you are asking about.

This site will be about Christian worship. And sometimes, whether you are leading worship or being led in worship, you have thought or spoken “What on earth . . . . . . ?” (You fill in the rest.)

One of the intentions behind “whatonearth” is to have a place where we can think about what goes on in the planning, leading, and evaluating of Christian worship. It involves both thinking and doing.

Sometimes we’ll ask, “What on earth are you thinking?” Other times, it will be, “What on earth are you doing?” Either way, a look at what’s driving our thoughts and actions in Christian worship will be the focus of this site.

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